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icon Stakeholder Notification for Harvesting Private Wood

WAPRES operates a Due Diligence System for sourcing privately owned wood. WAPRES takes all reasonable measures 
to ensure that we do not purchase wood:

                    That has been illegally harvested;

                    From areas where traditional or civil rights are violated;

                    From forests in which high conservatison values are threatened by management activities

                    From natural forest and other wooded ecosystems that have been converted to plantations or non-forest use.

                    From forest management units in which genetically modified trees are planted;

For a brief summary on WAPRES' certification requirements please visit the Certification page, located here

WAPRES undertakes risk assessments on these sources to determine if further mitigation is required, or if it cannot be
accepted for stated reasons. For more information regarding WAPRES controlled Wood Policy please read the WAPRES
Controlled Wood Policy and Due Diligence Procedure, located on the Certification page here.

Interested and affected stakeholder feedback is sought. The Private Plantations listed below are intended to harvested
by WAPRES in the near future. The Stakeholder consultation is normally required at least 6 weeks prior to the harvest date.

If you wish to comment, please direct your feedback to WAPRES via email to with
the plantation name and details of your query.


Locality of intended harvest

Intended Harvest Date


Date of Notification

Redgate, WA 6286

January 2018















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